Admissions Procedures

Admission Policy

Non-Selective Admission Policy

OTM-Lahore System is highly academically-oriented without being highly selective. The criterion for acceptance in a class is academic attainment, not age. Although age acts as a limiting factor, it is possible to find a three-year age range in the same class. In general, any student willing to learn is accepted.

Placement Overview

There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Kindergarten (3 to 5 years of age). Prospective students at these levels are interviewed; they must be toilet-trained and able to speak and follow simple instructions.

OTM-Lahore makes final placement decisions but can resort to the various strategies at its disposal to help bring a student to the required level. For example, there is the option of attending summer school or perhaps extra classes in a subject. Special academic support is taken very seriously by the school & to accommodate Parents and children in all aspects.

  • PLAYGROUP  Ages  2-3
  • NURSERY  Ages  3-4
  • RECEPTION  Ages  4-5
  • GRA
  • DE 1  5-6
  • GRADE 2  6-7 yrs old

Application and Required Documents

Documents for Entry to Day Care,KG1 & KG2 Along with the completed application form, the following documents are required before a child is interviewed:

  1. Three recent passport-size photographs
  2.  A copy of the child’s passport or any official Birth Certificate (not a hospital certificate)
  3. A copy of vaccination record and CNIC copy of both parents/guardians

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are made after careful evaluation of the candidates. Results of. Additional criteria for admission include motivation, social and emotional development, willingness to work hard, and the ability of OTM-Lahore to accommodate the needs of the candidate.

Please note that, in order to complete the registration, the above mentioned documents should be presented upon initiation of the admission process in support of the application. A final admission decision cannot be made without this information. Once accepted and the required fees paid, a place for the student is reserved.

Campus Facilities

OTM – Lahore is provides an environment where students have an ideal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

OTM – Lahore enjoy a modern, purpose built facility featuring:

  • Large air-conditioned, heated classrooms
  • Uniform and Bookshop
  • Classrooms with Interactive White Boards
  •  Art room
  •  Music room
  • Health unit
  • Cafeteria

Professional Advise/Services.

Students and parents can seek a range of professional advice/assistance from a variety of departments available in the administration office:

  •  Director
  •  AQCs
  •  SLC
  •  HODs
  •  Registrar / Office Manager
  •  IT
  •  Accounts
  •  Admissions Office