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The Results are amazing when Parents are involved in kids development...

The best gift you can give your kids is: YOUR TIME

Olive Tree Montessori & Pre School

  •  A British Pre School In Town. First school in Pakistan with complete British curriculum EYFS system of UK.
  • Best foundation for your children where they can learn to develop their interpersonal skills communication skills linguistic skills through play, arts, material resources, physical development and mathematics.
  • Ambience and Atmosphere is carefully designed for the comfort of children.
  • Facilities include languages Arabic, Chinese, French, English and music, Play Area, Cafeteria, Zoo Module and many more.
  • Children at olive tree Montessori start their day with Islamic values.
  • Best Montessori in town with British Curriculum to cater Nursery, Reception, Key stage 1 and key stage 2 to follow with all stages.
  •  Yoga for kids.
  •  Children shall have regular visits from Doctors Dentist and Dietitian for regular checkups and advise on their diet.
All The Stationery, Uniform T shirts & Accessories are supplied by School.
Fee Structure is designed to suit all parents at affordable Price with quality education.
Olive Tree Montessori

Children love Olive Tree Montessori

Visit our campus to take a look around. Fix an appointment to talk about your plans for the child. Your child deserves it…